Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Snorkeling in Malabar Beach, Sydney

Malabar Beach is a quiet beach in the South of Sydney. It is suitable for snorkeling on both sides of the beach and there is a swimming rock pool on the right side of the bay when facing the ocean. This place is good for snorkeling beginners if you stay near the beach. Be aware that there might be some jellyfish and blue bottles depending on the currents and wind direction. If you go snorkeling at Malabar beach you will see some Stripey, Horned Cowfish, Mado,...

Compilation of snorkeling video at Malabar beach:

Earth view of Malabar Beach, you can see the rocks on the left and right sides of the bay. The large rocks and the shape of the bay are breaking the current and the waves, but blue bottles and jelly fish can get stuck in the bay. In case you cannot go snorkeling you can have a short walk on Malabar Headland National Park to watch the ocean at Boora Point. You can also enjoy the beach and look at the wildlife in the rockpools surrounding the bay at low tide.

Malabar beach is a good place for snorkeling if you live in Sydney and have a car. You should find some free parking spots in the streets around the beach.

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